Access a much broader range of mortgage products

Your Moneycornershop Mortgage Specialist may be able to access a much broader range of mortgage products than what your existing lender will be able to. This will provide the best option from the marketplace that suits your circumstances. Should you choose to go and find your next lender direct and your application doesn’t get approved, you may waste valuable time in sourcing your next mortgage and may lose out on your purchase during this crucial period.

After a period of time your personal circumstances may change. For example, if you move home you will have new home insurance needs or if you’ve recently married and have a child, but don’t have life insurance, you may want to protect your loved ones. Rest assured we will offer a review of your circumstances and provide you with the best solution for your new requirements.

Moneycornershop can conduct a full review of your protection arrangements to ensure you have appropriate cover in place to protect you and your family.

For example, if you’re moving home because you’ve just had your first child, you may want to be at the same house for the next 18 years until they leave for university, or you may want to move when they start secondary school, or you may see yourself having several more children and requiring more space in less time than that.

The point is that thinking strategically about where you need to be in the future can drive your decision making and see whether unnecessary costs can be avoided. It should also tell you which features you need in your mortgage to meet your long-term goals – low early repayment charges or repayment holidays for example.

Moneycornershop don’t just type your details into a search program and get you the cheapest deal. Our service is personalised, and we know that asking strategic questions helps you and us design your mortgage requirements to avoid unnecessary costs and give you the certainty or flexibility you require from your deal.

We are driven to provide our customers the highest level of service.

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